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Sep 25 2009


Today is my 22nd birthday. I can’t believe how much responsibility I already have at this age. For so long, I figured that right now I would still be in school, sitting in a classroom and learning the law. Instead, I’m putting out fires left and right and trying to help my students learn something on top of the craziness that happens in their lives (and in the school!). The responsibility is pretty intense. I’ve had step throat all week and I haven’t stayed home for even one day– because every single day, my kids NEED to learn. Most of them are many grades behind where they should be, and they don’t have a single day to lose.

My morning class is always really well behaved. My afternoon class is a totally different story. They can’t stp talking, and they hardly ever pay attention (especially when I tell them about their homework… surprise, surprise). But I’m starting to form some relationships with them, and they were very into it being my birthday. They even sang to me– although I think part of that was to put off doing work. They have had a couple of really awful days for behavior, but lately every day is getting just a little bit better. I’m hoping that it keeps on the same trend. Here’s to my birthday weekend!

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